About us


Smart Marionette

It works to change the concept of traditional theater, and activate its role in the process of raising children and acquire skills, culture and science, to be a safe alternative for children and parents for electronic devices that can not control the content and follow-up through the child.


Smart Marionette

Provide a safe and innovative alternative to electronic devices that have become a source of health and intellectual risk to the child, through selected content to stimulate the child to interact and develop their skills without the effects of physical or psychological harm.


Smart Marionette

  • 1-Provide interactive content for the child to develop their skills and culture.
  • 2- Strengthening the means of psychosocial support in child psychosocial centers.
  • 3-To activate an innovative and attractive educational tool in kindergartens and educational institutions interested in children.
  • 4-Finding an ideal, technologically safe alternative to child fun and entertainment.